Drachenwald 12th Night Coronation 2020

3 – 5 January 2020
Kiljava – Aarnimetsä – Finland


And There Was Magic in the Air … From which there game beasts and beings to amaze; unicorns and griffins, dragons and basilisks, caladrius and manticores, all to hail the New King and Queen of Drachenwald!

So come and see what there lies in the Far Corners of the Known World, in the furthest reaches of the Sea, the highest Mountain Tops and the Coldest of the Whitest Winters, come see what Aarnimetsä is to present their Newly Ascending Majesties. Come behold the Wonders of the Worlds, and witness that Greatest of Events, the Setting of The Mighty Schwarzdrachen Crowns upon the Worthiest of Heads. Come to the 12th Night Coronation!

News and updates

25.10.2019: List of participants updated
List of the confirmed participants has been updated HERE.

22.10.2019: Registration opens
Registration is now open via the web form HERE.
Please remember to read through the event announcement

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